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Mold Testing in Toronto

Mold testing in Toronto is a valuable assessment tool for homeowners concerned about health and safety. Cold and icy winters give way to summers that are swelteringly hot and humid, and our position next to Lake Ontario means that we get a lot of lake effect weather - all of these temperature changes can create ideal conditions for mold growth. For anyone concerned about mold indoors, a mold inspection or mold testing can be a scientifically accurate method for locating mold. 

Where Can I Find Mold Indoors?

To know where to find mold, you need to know how it starts growing in the first place. The most important cause of mold growth in Toronto is moisture. External sources of moisture include rainwater and snowmelt, flooding, and humidity, while internal sources can come from leaky pipes, condensation, and bathing. However it enters your home, water is your worst enemy - even a small water incursion that isn’t quickly dried up can cause mold to take root. 

If mold needs water to grow, it stands to reason that we most frequently find mold growing in places where there is water indoors. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other places where water pipes run are most commonly the origin of a mold infestation, but attics and basements are also at risk. 

What are the Signs of Mold Growth? 

There’s often no visible sign of mold growth, even when an infestation is full blown. Knowing some of the common signs or causes of mold growth can act as an early warning system to alert you to hidden problems: 

  • Persistent allergies: Mold allergies often seem like seasonal allergies, but stick around long after the appropriate season. 
  • Scent: Mold has a distinct musty odour. 
  • Water damage: A leak, flood, or spill of water is often the cause of a mold outbreak.
  • Humidity: Increased indoor humidity has the same risk as a flood. 

Having Your Home Tested for Mold

If you are concerned about mold growth anywhere in your home, a mold test can help you get to the bottom of it. At SafeAir, we usually do both an exterior and interior visual examination to look for causes or signs of water leaks and moisture issues. Then we often take a number of air samples from rooms we’re concerned with - these are sent to a third-party laboratory that provides us with objective results. This method ensures we know exactly what we’re dealing with and eliminates misleading guesswork. 

Work with SafeAir to Fix & Prevent Mold Issues

At SafeAir, we specialize in indoor air quality and mold testing in Toronto. Because of our weather and proximity to Lake Ontario, mold is a very common problem in Toronto, and can affect anyone at any time of year. SafeAir is dedicated to helping improve your home’s indoor air quality and can help you make positive choices for yourself and your family. For a free consultation, get in touch with us online or call us at 416-414-5690.

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