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Indoor Environmental Testing in Mississauga

At SafeAir, your health is our primary concern.  We are an air inspection company, offering air-testing services exclusively, without trying to sell you related services or products.  When it comes to indoor air environments, we don't just identify problems - we also provide solutions!  SafeAir offers a complete range of air-testing servicesto customers in Mississauga and the municipalities of Peel:  overall air quality testing, environmental assessments, and more specialized mould testing.  We service residential homes, offices and industrial buildings. 

In detecting the nature of an indoor air quality issue, SafeAir employs sophisticated air quality testing techniques and equipment.  We evaluate the composition of indoor pollutants, we identify their source and we measure their levels.  We then present our findings in a detailed report and summary.  Our comprehensive air quality testing procedure will show you exactly what you are breathing in, and why.

Air pollutants are generated for various reasons:  poor HVAC ventilation; unregulated humidity levels; circulation of dust and/or particulates; chemical off gassing issues; combustible gases and/or sewer gases; even your every day mould growth.  For occupants, the resulting poor air quality can cause symptoms of minor discomfort, or more profound health side effects.  Indeed, in the workplace, productivity and efficiency often suffers, as workers are enveloped in unhealthy air throughout the workday.

In Canada, the federal government’s Health Canada agency states that indoor air quality in an industrialized city can be 6 to 10 times more polluted than the air outside.  Unfortunately, we only experience the negative side effects after longer periods of exposure.  Thorough air quality testing will clearly identify the source and the cause of a particular problem.  And since we spend around 90% of our time indoors, the quality of air that we breathe is quite important. 

For the most part, the majority of indoor pollutants are invisible and odorless - so proper identification is a critical part of the process.  Only with a professional evaluation, and a proper appraisal of the findings, can there be any rectification of an air quality issue.  At SafeAir, we’ll provide the professionalism you need, along with hi-tech tools and instrumentation, and a team of qualified and experienced experts.

It turns out that most of our residential clients contact us when they are already experiencing the negative side effects of poor air quality:  various allergic reactions; respiratory and sinus conditions; headaches and bouts of dizziness; and general physical pain.  In these cases, the poor air quality issue already exists, and the need for assessment is immediate.  We also have numerous clients who want to evaluate the air quality in their home, and ensure that it’s safe and non-toxic - also a good reason for air quality testing.

At SafeAir, our air quality assessment process goes well beyond testing.  We itemize our findings in a comprehensive report, and we incorporate recommendations for rectifying the problem, and subsequently improving overall indoor air quality.  In Mississauga and the municipalities of Peel, our reputation precedes us - we use more analytical equipment and instrumentation than anyone else in the industry, and we therefore provide the most accurate, reliable air quality testing in the region.

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