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The Top 3 Causes of Poor Air Quality At Offices

Posted in Air Quality, on October 26, 2015 By Admin

How clean is the air at your workplace? Are you aware of the potential sources of air pollution? Indoor air quality (IAQ) at the workplace is the topic of considerable attention nowadays, and for good reason. The air quality indoors can affect the comfort, productivity and health of building occupants profoundly.

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The Top Causes Of Poor Air Quality In Cities

Posted in Air Quality, on August 31, 2015 By Admin

Is your area of residence associated with clean air or are you constantly experiencing poor air quality? Perhaps it's time you discovered the major sources of poor air quality. Air pollution originates from both human activities and nature while air pollutants originate from a wide range of sources in cities though they 're mostly the result of combustion processes. Today, the greatest cause of pollution in most cities is motor vehicles, and to a lesser degree industry. Urban outdoor pollution describes the pollution experienced by people residing around and in cities.

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